1.    Evacuate the property immediately. Avoid raising your heart rate. This can cause a badly exposed person to collapse and not escape.


2.    Get medical help immediately. You will not know how badly affected you are.  Entering the fresh air does not significantly improve your condition – it just stops it from becoming worse. Only if this is not an emergency see “More info” in the menu to the left.


3.    Ring the gas emergency number (0800 111 999) and report the incident.


4.    Do not re-enter the property until the emergency services give the ‘All Clear’.


Before thinking about re-entering the property please consider the following-:


Don’t think you can hold your breath, run into the property and leave safely. If a badly-affected person holds their breath after a dose of carbon monoxide (CO) they could easily collapse in an area saturated with CO with the attendant risk of death.


Don’t think you can safely silence a CO alarm. If the levels of CO are high an alarm may not silence.


Don’t assume all is OK after the emergency services have left. After the incident and before further use, ensure that all fuel-burning appliances are checked by a Gas Safe operative.