The table below shows my professional qualifications for which I have certificates. It also explains the range of work they allow me to do.


Please note that I only work on Natural Gas. I do not work on LPG (bottled gas).


Gas Industry Code

Description of Qualification

What I am qualified to do ( ‘Work’ means Installing, servicing, repairing and decommissioning )


Core Gas Safety

Work on gas pipe work


Warm Air Heater

Work on warm air heaters


Water Heaters

Work on water heaters


Room Heaters

Work on room heaters



Work on cookers


Central Heating Boilers

Work on central heating boilers (not swimming pools)


Combustion performance Analysis

Use a gas analyser to test gas appliance flue gasses (POC – Products of Combustion).


Gas Meters

Work on gas meters including installing, moving and inspecting.


Electrical Part ‘P’ (Domestic Electrical Installer)

Test your electrical systems, install consumer units, and add sockets and electrical bonding. I am proficient with heating control wiring.


Unvented Hot Water

Install, repair and service unvented (Megaflo type) hot water systems.


Water Regulations

This means I will install all plumbing (pipes, sanitary ware, water treatment, taps and outlets etc) to the standards prescribed in the water regulations.


Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating

Advise you where your home could be more efficient in its use of heat and energy-saving measures


Kamco power flushing

Use my industrial-duty pumping equipment to flush out all the accumulated corrosion and other rubbish from your central heating pipework, boiler and radiators.


Vaillant ecoTec Product Course

Advise you about the application of many of the boilers made by the Vaillant company.


CSCS Health and Safety

Assess Health and Safety at the place of work.